We work on all aspects of art projects, in collaboration with a wide variety of organisations and individuals.

Weve developed public art strategies, administered various arts programs, provided strategic and practical advice on integrating art programs within a wider organisational philosophy, conducted research and study into exhibition attendance, produced audience development strategies and organised conferences and other events.

GAP can also take on total or partial administration and management of cultural bodies, projects, and programs of various scales. We can assist in streamlining, simplifying and centralising your activities through adopting the administrative component to your project or organisation and providing specialist services tailored to your requirements.

We can:

  • provide total or partial administration of cultural projects
  • prepare budgets and manage project finances
  • provide membership and audience administration
  • coordinate meetings
  • produce newsletters, brochures and information
  • provide financial management
  • be a point of contact for inquiries, registrations or applications
  • coordinate marketing, promotion and design
  • coordinate and/or project manage public art programs and strategies
  • organise visitor and delegate travel itineraries
  • research, review and report on arts-related activities