William Kentridge: 9 Drawings for Projection

20, 21, 22 MARCH 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Federation Court, National Gallery of Victoria

Australian producer and project manager: Global Art Projects

9 Drawings for Projection brought together ten of the short animated films by renowned South African artist William Kentridge. Presented in 35mm, the screening was accompanied by a live performance from South African musicians of composer Philip Miller’s evocative original soundtrack, shown in Federation Court at the National Gallery of Victoria International, St. Kilda Road.

Kentridge creates an entire animation sequence from a single drawing, which he augments bit by bit, working without script or storyboard. His narratives and imagery emerge through this unique labour-intensive working process. He adds one mark, erases another, then walks over to his camera to shoot a couple of frames. Making the short trip back from camera to drawing, he says, he “hopes that some idea will emerge to suggest what the next drawing or the next sequence should be.” He then repeats the process over and over, so that each narrative bears the traces of all that has come before. In the end, he is left with one short film and a collection of drawings, one for each scene in the film.

Producer: Ross Douglas, Artlogic (South Africa)
Composer: Philip Miller
Performers: Sontoga Quartet (Marc Uys, Waldo Alexander, Xandi van Dijk & Eddie McLean); Jill Richards, Adam Howard & Tumelo Moloi