Single Currency

2 - 26 MARCH 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Victorian College for the Arts Gallery

Curators: Christine Morrow (Australia) & Danae Mossman (New Zealand)


Single Currency reflected on the ubiquitous notion of 'identity' through the work of thirteen Australian and New Zealand artists. The exhibition aimed to reflect and critically engage with ways colonisation and globalisation have had an impact on our understanding and experience of culture and place in Australia and New Zealand. Humour, albeit a dark humour, was used in many of the works to cushion the blow of these reflections and create a sense of play throughout the exhibition.

Australia – Fergus Binns, Aleks Danko, Adam Geczy, Julie Gough, Sue Guilfoyle, Raafat Ishak, Constanze Zikos
New Zealand – Tony De Lautour, Daniel Du Bern, Jacquelyn Greenbank, Daniel Malone, Nathan Pohio, Swiwhana Spong