NEW06 and +Plus Factors

13 MARCH – 14 MAY 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Curator: Julianna Engberg


The Australian Centre for Contemprorary Art (ACCA) presented NEW06 and +Plus Factors, 2 major exhibitions of exciting commissions situated in ACCA and around Melbourne.

NEW is ACCA’s annual showcase of outstanding young Australian artists, a stellar event on the contemporary art calendar anticipated by Melbourne audiences. In 2006, in association with the Commonwealth Games, ACCA added to the excitement of NEW06 with +Plus Factors, which investigated the themes of Everyday Heroes and Playful Games and took art onto the streets, into the cafes and onto the walls of the Melbourne CBD.

Selected by ACCA’s renowned Artistic Director, Juliana Engberg, the newest crop of NEW and +Plus Factors artists were drawn from around Australia and featured installations, sculptures, poster sites, sound works, photography, video and painting works which showcased the diversity and verve of Australia’s young talent.

In +Plus Factors art became active, playful and full of endeavour, in simpatico with the sporting passions of the city’s visitors and spectators.

+ Plus Factors artists:
Christopher Bennie
Shaun Gladwell
Inverted Topology
Victoria Lawson
Sonia Leber & David Chesworth
Space Pork Adventures
Tony Schwensen
Justene Williams