Flash: Australian Athletes in Focus

4 MARCH - 12 APRIL 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Silvershot Gallery, Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Curator: Christine Clark

Organising Institution: National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery’s photographic exhibition Flash: Australian Athletes in Focus explored various interpretations of Australian sporting men and women. Five photographers were specially commissioned for the exhibition, and these photographers were drawn from across Australia. Although working in the medium most associated with sport the photographers did not necessarily show their subjects’ sporting prowess and achievements. Instead, all them investigated the personal dimensions of elite athletes. While some of the photographers focused on the social aspects of sport and on particular groups within the broader Australian sporting community, others celebrated andacknowledged the sporting achievements of Indigenous Australians.

Sahlan Hayes
Selina Ou
Leah King-Smith
Robin Sellick
Toni Wilkinson