The Buddy System

8 MARCH – 1 APRIL 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Arc1 Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Australian Producer and Project Manager: Global Art Projects

The Buddy System is an ongoing interactive art project led by New Zealand artist Ani O’Neill that invites the public to become participants in the creation of an art installation by teaching them to crochet. O’Neill, – who was taught this skill by her Rarotongan grandmother – accompanied by fellow artists Megan Hansen-Knarhoi and Emily Siddell, taught members of the public to crochet small individual woollen flowers that were then pinned to the wall as a floral installation which “grew” across the gallery wall over the period of the exhibition, creating an extraordinary symphony of texture and colour. Upon completion of the exhibition, each flower was gifted to someone nominated by its creator. The project attracted diverse audiences from young men with their skateboards to women in their eighties, some of whom had always wanted to learn this skill.

Artists: Ani O’Neill, Megan Hansen-Knarhoi & Emily Siddell