Medalling: 8 Designers on a Quest

3 MARCH - 30 APRIL 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: RMIT Gallery

Curator: Katherine Wilkinson

Producer: Global Art Projects

Medalling, a series of exquisitely detailed and provocative artworks designed specifically for Festival Melbourne2006 explored a range of themes connecting sport and art.

‘Medalling’ is the sporting competitor's quest. Is also a creative and technical quest - the making of a medal by a designer. The endeavours of both Commonwealth Games 'medallists' have parallels in combining raw talent, aspiration, skill, knowledge and perseverance in preparation and presentation. The Medalling artist/designers' research and experimentation distilled diverse historical and contemporary social messages in their commissioned artworks – the role of medals, ribbons, wreaths and trophies in honouring merit and victory and the celebration of the Games rich cultural mix.

Artists: Ian Bonde, Stephen Gallagher, Pearl Gillies, Vicky Mason, Shine Myung-Ok Shin, Anne Neil, Belinda Newick, Ilka White