Game On!: Sport and Contemporary Art

28 JANUARY – 23 APRIL 2006

Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination

Venue: Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne


Dr. Chris McAuliffe

In Game on! Australian and international artists explored territory and allegiance, concepts essential to playing sport and supporting a team. In the context of the Commonwealth Games, these ideas expanded to include nations, patriotism and international alliances.
Allegiance is expressed visually (team colours, banners, badges and logos), in words and voices (slogans, chants, anthems), and in behaviour (ceremonies, superstitions, training schedules).

Territory begins with the playing field itself, then extends to incorporate a stadium, a city, and eventually a nation. Territory is architectural, geographical and psychological. Artists explore playing fields, fan behaviour (good and bad), public and private games.

Roderick Buchanan (Scotland)
Jon Campbell (Australia)
Matthew Greentree (Australia)
Richard Lewer (New Zealand)