49th Venice Biennale 2001: Lyndal Jones

June - November 2001

Australia Council for the Arts

Curator: John Barret-Lennard

Project Manager: Global Art Projects

Lyndal Jones created a site specific video installation "Aqua Profunda - life at the deep end" for the 49th Venice Biennale 2001.

"Water, deep water. The work of Australian video artist Lyndal Jones brings us so many themes of emotion, desire, waiting… it is about multiculturalism in Australia, about migration, about movement and about the waters that are the confluence between continents.

Jones says the work was inspired by a sign at the Fitzroy Pool in inner city Melbourne, written in a hybrid of Italian and Latin, ‘Aqua Profunda’ (Deep Water). This sign captured, for her, the essence of Australia’s multicultural evolution.

There are two distinct parts to the installation as it is displayed in the Australian Pavilion. In the upper gallery a women in close-up speaks of desire. In the lower gallery there are videos of footage taken from a ferry in Sydney Harbour and a vaporetto in Venice. Projected across a series of plasma screens, there is a compelling sense of both moving and waiting.

The textures and colours, are abstracted, mesmerising, we are washed away in the play of light, reflections and shadowy depths in water slick with oil. We are pulled up, however, when we see another stop with people waiting to board the boat to start their, and our, journey once again."

Extract from an article by Polly Sutton, 2001