Lindi Huntsman - Many Stories - One Heart

19 April 2011 - 29 July 2011

Sofitel Melbourne

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Curated by Global Art Projects


A photographic series of images of Melbourne's Ethiopian community

In the literary tradition, a book unravels a story using chapters as a device to signal significant and critical moments in the narrative. Within the chapters there are the less obvious but integral storylines to imbue the story with credibility and interest. This photographic exhibition is based around those intrinsically powerful storylines woven with pathos and courage, acceptance and determination.

Lindi Huntsman, a Melbourne based photographer, is particularly interested in the notion of story and how community and cultural traditions instilled and learnt in a far-off homeland remain valued components in the story of contemporary community life. Lindi has focused her attention specifically on Melbourne’s Ethiopian community, Melbourne’s Ethiopian Hariri community and Melbourne’s Oromo community.

While the written word distinguishes the book form, Lindi Huntsman utilises the visual medium to describe and tell some of the cultural and traditional stories which inform the lives of these communities’ members who have travelled to settle in Melbourne.

Each person has his and her unique story. Ultimately, it’s the many stories within the single story as implied and revealed in a series of portraits; or as documented in one image, which give meaning to a life richly lived and being part of a broader community in an adopted homeland.