Kaori Kato - Attune to the Earth

1 August 2010 - 4 October 2010

Sofitel Melbourne

Curated by Donald Williams, Global Art Projects

Attune to the Earth
An installation by Kaori Kato

I attune to the earth
I hear, I see, I feel…
Allowing my every sense to touch nature
The vigorous earth gently embraces me...

I have been developing my art practice mainly through paper folding. Folding paper for me is a vehicle to investigate my research. My current art practice explores the movement and structure found in natural phenomena, such as a geyser, volcanic activity, a waterfall, an aurora, to name only a few. This exhibition Attune to the earth will particularly investigate the relationships between the form and pattern of the volcanic action and what we experience from the red paper sculptural work. The colour of the human blood is red. I see the volcanic magma lava as the blood of the earth.

May you all experience the work to find your own perspectives.

Kaori Kato, August 2010