Stratos Xynas - Close Up

5 May - 4 August 2008

Sofitel Melbourne


Stratos Xynas formally trained in commercial and fine art photography in the mid-80s and this exhibition re-launched his career as a photographer.

The unique vivid and bold photographic images he exhibited are an exploration of colour yet at the same time a response to the power of nature in all her glory. A collision of sunlight, blue skies, clouds, blossom and the use of flash produces a sense of ambiguity in the images. Are they manufactured, enhanced or merely nature herself shown in a way that we are unused to seeing? The scale or perhaps the closeness with which we are invited to read these works contributes to a sense of the viewer entering the work itself in an 'Alice in Wonderland' way, furthermore in these works nature presents itself in a completely unintimidating way, as if asking to be revered and admired.