Elisabeth Bodey - Recent paintings

18 November 2008 – 27 January 2009

Sofitel Melbourne

'Apmere' : place, country
(Arrernte language of central Australia)

Recent paintings, by Elisabeth Bodey

Elisabeth Bodey’s paintings form part of an ongoing series of works arising from her walking trips in central Australia. These large scale watercolour paintings are her visual response to this beautiful and extraordinary land. Bodey’s aesthetic response has been ‘guided’ by her interest in the cartographic representations of the land, matched with the actual space as we see it.

The grids and the contours create an ‘organised’ space on which to build colour, text and pattern. The grid is a geographic and conceptual space while the layering of colour reflects the layering of meanings. The lace pattern refers to the western aesthetic, and with the text and contours symbolises the coexistence of both indigenous and western ways of seeing, referred to as ‘Two Ways’ by Australia’s indigenous people.

However it is not possible to experience this country without sensing its indigenous history. She believes that the re-naming of sites (eg. from Uluru to Ayers Rock) by early settlers encouraged the process of negation of local indigenous culture and belief systems as these original names encapsulated these systems and the intimate connections of individuals to community.