Bruno Leti - Huangshan Poems

5 February - 30 April 2009

Sofitel Melbourne

Curated by Global Art Projects

Bruno Leti's works Courtesy Mossrgreen Gallery, Melbourne.

Bruno Leti is a major figure in the Australian art world known for his painting, printmaking and production of artist books.

Leti's exhibition Huangshan Poems is a collection of large majestic photographs of the Huangshan Mountains interspersed with his paintings which draw of the photographs as inspiration.

The photographs were produced by the artist during a visit to China in 2004. Located 800km west of Shanghai, the Huangshan Mountains (The Yellow Mountains) provide some of the most dramatic landscape in the region and for Leti, a sublime, perhaps 'Romanticist' motif for him to explore both through the lens of his camera and on paper with oil paint.