Works from the TIWI Islands

2 February - 4 April 2007

Sofitel Melbourne

Curated by Donald Williams and Lisa Warrener, Global Art Projects

Presented in association with Jilamara Arts, Melville Island, this exhibition featured a variety of ochre paintings on paper.

Artists: Timothy Cook, Conrad Tipungwuti, Brenda Tipungwuti, Dymphna Kerinauia, Jocelyn Black, Jacinta Lorenzo, Linus Warlapinni, Raelene Kerinauia, Chris Tipiloura and Mary Magdalene Tipungwuti.

The Tiwi Islands are located off the coast of Australia's Northern Territory. The indigenous people of these Islands are actively involved in practicing and nurturing their traditional culture.

Traditional Tiwi culture placed a special significance on the Pukumani (funeral ceremony). Mourners are decorated using natural ochres to disguise themselves from the spirit of the deceased and song and dance is performed to honour the dead. Yirrinkiripwoka (body paint) is the source of many contemporaray Tiwi designs and performance of the Pukumani as ritual helps to reinvigorate the imagery.

All the artists in this exhibition draw on the collective Tiwi memory and the individual expression and aesthetic qualities of each other's work is reflective of their personal interpretation of traditional Tiwi design (Jilamara). All paintings are done in natural ochure collected locally on Melville Island.